Preserving Precious Memories: Pressing Your Wedding Bouquet

Preserving the beauty and sentimentality of your wedding bouquet is a delicate and cherished process. At 1706 Handmade, we understand the deep emotional connection you have with those blooms, and we take extra care to ensure that the essence of your special day is captured in every pressed petal.


The Art of Pressing Flowers

Pressing wedding bouquet flowers is an art that requires patience and precision. Here's how we delicately transform your cherished blooms into timeless keepsakes:

  1. Gentle Handling: We begin by carefully selecting the freshest flowers from your bouquet. Each bloom is handled with the utmost care to avoid damaging delicate petals or stems.

  2. Flattening: The selected flowers are placed between layers of absorbent paper, and then pressed under controlled pressure. This step ensures that your flowers dry flat and retain their exquisite beauty.

  3. Drying Time: The pressing process can take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the type of flowers in your bouquet. Some flowers dry faster than others, so patience is key in achieving the best results.

  4. Monitoring: Throughout the pressing period, our experts monitor the flowers closely to ensure they dry evenly and maintain their vibrant colors.


Flowers That Do Not Press Well

While we can successfully press many types of flowers, some varieties may not yield the desired results due to their unique characteristics. Flowers that do not press well include:

  • Lilies
  • Dahlias
  • Orchids
  • Plumeria
  • Succulents

Please keep this in mind when considering which blooms to include in your wedding bouquet.

The Beauty of Pressed Flowers

It's important to note that pressed flowers, while a stunning and sentimental keepsake, may appear different from their fresh counterparts. Once fully dried, they take on a flat and two-dimensional appearance, and there may be subtle changes in color. However, these differences add a unique charm to your pressed flower arrangement, capturing the essence of your wedding day in a truly timeless way.

At 1706 Handmade Co, we take pride in our expertise and the care we put into preserving your wedding bouquet flowers. With our meticulous process, your cherished blooms will become lasting treasures that evoke memories of your special day for years to come.

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Do you accept bouquets from outside of Albuquerque/Santa Fe?

At this time we are only serving clients within the Albuquerque and Santa Fe area.

How early should I reach out in advance?

Bouquet preservation should be part of your wedding planning checklist. Please make sure to schedule your pressing with me as far in advance as possible. There is a limit to how many bouquets I can press per month, so the earlier the better!

Unfortunately, I cannot accommodate requests made after your wedding has taken place.

How do I get my bouquet to you?

Given the significance and complexity of your wedding day, I kindly request that you designate a point of contact with whom I can coordinate and arrange an in-person meeting for the bouquet handover.

If coordinating a bouquet pickup in the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area, a travel fee will be applied depending on distance.

What are your prices?

Pricing for one 11x14 framed bouquet in the traditional style (pictured above) is $350.

Smaller add-on pieces with remaining flowers range from $50-150 each, depending on size and design.

Special customizations to the design such as the incorporation of wedding invitations, printed vows, or photos are available as add-ons.

Are flowers treated with anything for preservation?

Through our traditional wood press drying method, we refrain from incorporating preservatives or post-pressing color enhancements. Instead, we celebrate the inherent, natural evolution of petal and flower hues

Will my pressed flowers last forever?

When expertly preserved and professionally framed, your pressed bouquet will last for many years and be cherished by generations to follow. In fact, with proper care and display, they may even outlive you.

We strongly advise placing your floral art away from direct sunlight, windows, and temperature fluctuations to ensure the enduring vibrancy of flower colors, shapes, and overall quality. It's important to acknowledge that, over time, some natural color fading may occur due to the organic nature of these botanicals.

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